Mint Digital

May 14, 2007

Crossing the Chasm?

We are announcing today my new role with Advent Ventures.

I have joined at an exciting time at Advent with a terrific new portfolio,  new people and we are fully switched to investment mode.

To start with I am focussing on new investments into digital media.  What this means is that we are looking for very early OR relatively mature businesses doing online media, ecommerce, mobile apps, gaming. 

Having been “out of the market” for the last 8 weeks, I’m looking forward to catching up again with Europe’s best entrepreneurs and management teams, and as ever it’s be great to hear from entrepreneurs and blog readers for private conversations.

I am incredibly excited about not only Advent (have a look at Moveme, Echovox, Fizzback ) but also the way that the market is developing for tech entrepreneurs.  As I’ve previously written I think that the European ecosystem, investor-base and dialogue is improving rapidly which gives a great environment for VCs and entrepreneurs to build great companies.

Drop me a mail.

Incidentally, I took some time out between First Capital and Advent to do some work with Mint Digital .  Mint launched their Bloombox  about a year ago. It is a bit like a white-label youtube & myspace but Mint excel at enabling big brands to actually develop something with credibility that that the kids love & use.  In the last year their customer wins include BBC, MTV, and two other major brands who I wish could reveal.

Things are cooking on gas at Mint as they are doing more and more proprietary  stuff.  I’ll blog more when I can.

* Note.  I Couldn’t bring myself to call this “my new gig”.  Does this mark me down as distinctly WebOne?